StopTech High Performance Brake Systems

StopTech At Fairfield County Motorsport we believe that stopping power is just as important as horsepower and cornering power. Over 70% of braking is performed on the front of the vehicle requiring only an upgrade to the front system for aggressive street, autocross or racetrack use. StopTech high performance front brake systems are precision engineered to work with your factory master cylinder and rear brake system to provide balanced performance. StopTech brake systems are available for many makes including Audi, BMW, and Volkswagen.

StopTech Every component of a StopTech kit is the best in its class and optimized to each specific vehicle. The ST40 four piston brake caliper utilizes our unique bolt-in bridge, making it three times stiffer than comparable calipers. A stiffer caliper means less vibration and noise, and better pedal feel due to less flexing. Since StopTech manufactures its own calipers, it can match the piston diameters exactly to each vehicle. Street versions of the caliper utilize dust boots, and the pad configuration allows use of a commonly available wear sensor.

StopTech Patent Pending AeroRotors® are manufactured at QS-9000 registered facilities. They flow more air than any rotor available, meaning less brake fade and longer rotor and pad life. All AeroRotors® are double-disk ground and mill balanced to ensure race ready performance right out of the box.

StopTech uses 7075-T6 billet aluminum, the strongest aluminum available for rotor hats. Hats and rotors are pre-assembled using a floating drive system with StopTech's unique Inconel® spring washer anti-rattle system. The floating system allows for rotor expansion due to heat and will virtually eliminate rotor warping.

StopTech big brake kits are complete and ready to install. An aluminum 2 or 4 piston caliper (depending on application) with pistons sized specifically for the target vehicle preserving balance and ABS compatibility. StopTech A pair of race quality AeroRotors®, pre-assembled to 7075-T6 billet aluminum hats with full floating and anti-rattle hardware. A pair of caliper mounting brackets with stainless steel mounting studs pre-installed (note both hats and brackets are hard black anodized). Stainless steel brake lines engineered to be properly and safely routed for each application. A set of high performance street pads. All mounting hardware and a set of illustrated instructions are also included.

For more information, see the StopTech FAQ

StopTech technical information:

FCR / StopTech Porsche Big Brake Kits

Fairfield County Motorsport in the form of Fairfield County Racing (FCR) has developed a 13" front brake upgrade for the Porsche 944 Turbo/S2, 968, and 928 S4/GT/GTS. This race quality system will work perfectly with the stock rear 4-piston brake calipers, master cylinder, and proportioning valve.

This system is fully streetable while providing uncompromised performance for the autocross or open track enthusiast. Benefits of the system include a substantial increase in resistance to brake fade, increased brake torque, better pedal feel, and increased rotor longevity. All the StopTech improvements listed on the previous page apply to this custom designed system. 17" wheels are required to clear this system.

FCR is developing this system to eliminate a failing of the factory brake system. Track driven cars with stock braking systems require excessively frequent replacement of front brake rotors. This is especially true when the factory system comes equipped with cross drilled rotors.

The FCR/StopTech front brake upgrade is better than the Porsche "Big Red" upgrade for various reasons:
  • The StopTech ST40 caliper is 3 times stiffer than the Porsche Big Red caliper. Increased component stiffness equates to better pedal feel, easier brake modulation and increased performance.
  • Porsche Big Red upgrades have taller pads necessitating a larger rotor annulus (brake pad contact area) making the rotor heavier than a 13" StopTech AeroRotor®.
  • The ability to specify the piston bores inside the StopTech ST40 caliper means that the FCR/StopTech solution will maintain system balance. The increased clamping force of the Porsche Big Red upgrade can have a negative effect on total brake performance. In some cases excessive pedal travel and an adverse change in front to rear balance result in extended stopping distances. In extreme circumstances premature lockup can occur.
  • The FCR/StopTech solution does not require the use of an adjustable pressure limiting valve. The system is designed to use the stock proportioning valve.
  • ABS is fully functional with the FCR/StopTech solution. Improperly designed upgrades can confuse the ABS system.
Look for the 993 upgrade and others soon!